The John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail is a long-distance trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, passing through Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Almost the entire trail is officially designated as wilderness. The trail was named in honour of naturalist John Muir, originally from Scotland.

It follows the same footpath as the longer and better known Pacific Crest Trail for about 160 miles (260 km). The official length of the trail is 210.4 miles (338.6 km), and it has elevation gain of approximately 47,000 feet (14,000 m).

About 35% of the trail, including the entirety of the last 30 miles (48 km), lies above 10,000 feet (3,000 m). The switchbacks are not for the fainthearted!

Preparing for the John Muir Trail felt like a pretty daunting task and I sometimes struggled to find the information that I needed. When I got home I decided to share the things that I learnt along the way, to help other newbies take on the John Muir Trail.

Planning A John Muir Trail Thru – Hike 

Completing the trail was pretty life changing. In addition to the practical things that I learnt, I also wrote some more personal reflections on my experience, which you can find here.

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